Elmwood Township Community Center
201 South Althea Street, Elmwood, IL 61529
(309) 264-2233
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Membership Rates
Membership Rates are as follows...

Residents of Elmwood township: 

Family $200
Individual $150

Six Months
Family $150
Individual $100

$30 per month

Residents who live outside of Elmwood township:

Family $225
Individual $175

Six Months 
Family $175
Individual $125

$35 per month

Elmwood Township Community Center
PO Box 96
Elmwood, IL 61529

Facility Rules
HOURS: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

GUESTS: Members are allowed to bring one (1) guest per visit to the gym, workout room or weight room. There is a $2 fee for each additional guest, to be paid into the fee box located on the front desk. 

A list of members will be available on the desk in the front hall.

CHILDREN: Youngsters age 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (age 18 or older). 

GYM SCHEDULE: The schedule for events in the gym will be posted monthly on the Community Center Website: www.elmwoodtownshipcc.com

EXERCISE ROOM & WEIGHT ROOM: Are off limits to youngsters age 14 and under unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Exercise machines and weight-lifting machines are off limits to youngsters age 10 and under. There is no horseplay allowed on the machines.

After exercising, please wipe down the seats, handlebars and any other parts of the machines you come in contact with while using them.

MEMBERS DISCOUNTS: Members will receive discounts for any programs that are operated at the community center.

QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS?: Call Steve or Peggy Whitby at (309) 264-2233.